Englisch B2 - Business English Englisch B2 - Business English
Englisch B2 - Business English

Would you like to be more efficient and more competent in English at work and in your daily life?

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07.10.2021 - 20.01.2022 Abends
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WIFI Salzburg
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Do 18.15-20.45
Kursdauer: 42 Lehreinheiten

Julius-Raab-Platz 2
5027 Salzburg

Kursnummer: 61125011

Do 18.15-20.45
Kursdauer: 42 Lehreinheiten

Julius-Raab-Platz 2
5027 Salzburg

Kursnummer: 61125021

Englisch B2 - Business English

This course offers students a practical, efficient, work-orientated training which will help them acquire skills to improve their English on the job and in daily life.

In this course students will have the opportunity to practise important elements which will give them more confidence in their professional and personal lives.
Students are encouraged to learn in pairs, groups and individually in a competent and relaxed classroom environment and to develop their potential.
The 4 essential skills in language- speaking, reading, writing and listening will be trained focusing on the following topics:

  • How to make and receive business phone calls
  • Improve business and daily vocabulary
  • How to write competent emails and letters
  • How to write a curriculum vitae
  • Best preparation for a job interview
  • Taking part in meetings
  • Entertaining clients from abroad
  • Small talk for dinners and parties
  • Presentations for products and services
After class the Cambridge exam B2 - Business Vantage can be taken in June. We recommend taking both classes (start in fall and in February). 

Participants should either be at around Matura level or have done courses at B1 level or have good skills in English due to work obligations, travel, time spent in English speaking countries.

Evaluate your language level here: www.wifi.at/sprachentests, B2-Niveau.

This class contains 42 teaching units (14 appointments - 3 units).

Sie können diese Schulung auch als maßgeschneidertes Firmen-Intern-Training (FIT) buchen.
Mit FIT erhalten Sie speziell auf Ihr Unternehmen abgestimmte praxisorientierte Aus- und Weiterbildungsprogramme.

Sie können Themenschwerpunkte, Inhalte, Zeitpunkt und Ort des Trainings selbst definieren. Somit sparen Sie Zeit, Ressourcen und haben die Chance auf optimalen Bildungserfolg.

Klingt interessant?
Kontaktieren Sie Juliane Crotti für mehr Informationen zu Trainings, Coachings oder Workshops. 

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